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"RELICING", as called to give aged and worn look to the modern finishes, is impossible: guitars today - not just guitars - are painted to carry their shining surface throughout the centuries. Wood are often litterally "dipped" into plastic, 'cause this is the final condition bi-component poly finishes use to turn into.

Therefore, whatever the method would be - sometimes not even big hammer and sand-paper would work, and I said everything -, the result won't ever be CREDIBLE and REALISTIC so that could be compared to a real Vintage guitar, whatever the aging level would be.

A good relic job starts from the very beginning. Therefore: a good finish job made on old specs with correct methods and materials. That means that the guitar will need to be totally STRIPPED and REFINISHED first before any attempt to give her a specific "relic" job.

And this is an issue that needs to keep on the count...




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