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"Our Vintage Soul"
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Our Vintage Soul
The book ”Our Vintage Soul” is the result of the collector’s achieving job of two great friends of mine: Flavio Camorani and Vincenzo Atzori. This is the only publication of that kind ever edited in Europe: it is an outstanding slide show of their vintage Fender’s guitars and amps collection.
Our Vintage Soul
300 pages, 40 guitars and basses, more than 500 full colour pics display, production Strats from 1954 to ’74, 17 between amps and effects from the white/brown tolex era, even prized by hard cover and numeric id. (the book has a LIMITED run production); this book is almost entirely a picture book, and every instrument is reported in a very detailed “identity card”. Some collaborations and author’s biography are included.
Our Vintage Soul

This book represents an unvaluable capital for collectors and enthusiast vintage fans.
Retail price is affected by the high standard of the picture’s features, but can be considered fair.
But who ever might come to this book has to consider two strong features among the others: the first publication of this kind ever printed in Europe and his short run numbered production.
Of course these facts will turn this book as a “cult item” among collectors, driving into a sort of investment business.
To the end of this intruduction, we like to point out that this book listed just a part of the Camorani/Atzori collection, and it is in the willing of our friends to make another book to show the rest, that is amazing; of course with another volume that will be the natural prosecution of “Our Vintage Soul”.

The book is now available exclusively through the distributor; please visit the website www.ourvintagesoul.com

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